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Technology Investor’s Voyager Award

Date: 2000

eSignal Voted Best Decision Support Software 2000

UK Forex Awards

Date: 2014

eSignal Voted Best Forex Technical Analysis & Software Provider

Date: 2014

Top Ten Reviews

Date: 2013

eSignal Voted #1 Trading Software

Trader Planet Star Award

Date: 2012

eSignal Voted Finalist

T2W Members’ Choice Award – 6 Times!

Date: 2005 - 2009, 2011

eSignal Voted Best Real-Time Data Feed

T2W Members’ Choice Awards

Date: 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009

eSignal Voted Best A.I. Software (Expert Systems / Neural Networks)

Stocks & Commodities Readers’ Choice Award – Voted Best 16 Times!

Date: 1993 - 2007 & 2009

eSignal Voted Best Real-Time / Delayed Data

Stocks & Commodities Readers’ Choice Award – Voted Best 2 Years in a Row!

Date: 2006 & 2007

eSignal Voted Best End-of-Day Data

Stocks & Commodities Readers’ Choice Award – Voted Best 11 Years in a Row!

Date: 1994 - 2004

eSignal Voted Best Stock Trading System

Stocks & Commodities Readers’ Choice Award – Voted Best 12 Years in a Row!

Date: 1993 - 2004

eSignal Voted Best Futures Trading System

World Finance Awards

Date: 2008

eSignal Voted Best Real-Time Data Feed

Shares Awards

Date: 2006

eSignal Voted Product of the Year

Codie Awards

Date: 2005 & 2009

Voted Finalist Best Online Professional Financial Information Service (Software Information Industry Association)

Web Marketing Association

Date: 2009 & 2011

eSignal Voted Outstanding Website

Stocks & Commodities

If you asked how eSignal could get any better, Interactive Data found a way. 12.0 adds two major new features:Market Screener Plus+ and Options Analytix, which is extremely well designed with features no other option platform can offer. eSignal 12 greatly enhances an already powerful platform.

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S&C Staff
Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities
Volume 33, January 2015

I have always liked eSignal’s charting features, and they do not disappoint in this update. There are still many more features I need to explore further, including the eSignal formula script and integrating it with your trading. I will cover these in upcoming issues, so stay tuned!

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eSignal 11 provides a comprehensive set of features for any trader. They continue to improve their product so it keeps abreast of the current technological developments.

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In this, the final part of this series, I will discuss eSignal’s alert system, plus a few other features that traders would find interesting.

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Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

Part 1, 2 and 3 Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities
March, May and July 2012

eSignal 10.5 is a stable trading platform packed with features that seasoned traders will find very useful.

Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan
Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities
Volume 27, October 2009

eSignal, Advanced GET Edition contains three highly useful components—the Advanced GET program, the Advanced GET scanner, and the dashboard that integrate well with each other and within the broader eSignal version 10 framework. The Advanced GET Edition is far more than a collection of tools.

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Babara Star 
Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities,
Volume 26, March 2008 and Volume 27, April 2008

It’s unusual to find a product that sells a trading plan. Usually, you get a set of tools and are told to go forth and make a profit. Advanced GET is more about a trading plan than an Elliott wave analysis.

Dennis Peterson
Stocks & Commodities 
September 2005

Overall, I would say that QuoTrek is a big step in bringing wireless market data to active traders.

Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan
June 2004

eSignal [7.1] is a class product. It seems both fitting and proper for them to migrate toward Advanced GET and integrate with Interactive Brokers. Adding real-time Advanced GET to eSignal’s charting abilities enhances an already superb product. The free help will encourage you to take advantage of the new features, making your investment worthwhile.

Dennis Peterson
February 2003

I use eSignal linear regression channel analysis and moving-average analysis to examine price smoothing (price trends) and to identify buy and sell levels.

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Richard Muehlberg
March / April 2012

If technical analysis is your bag, eSignal OnDemand boasts hundreds of impressive technical indicators that will have the true charting experts absorbed for hours.

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August 2009

Active Trader Logo

Esposito, uses eSignal scanner to identify stocks that are gapping up or down, and will narrow his watch list to about eight to 10 stocks. He trades with the trend and call his approach 75 percent technical analysis and 25 percent common sense.

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Alphonso Esposito
March 2012

QuoTrek is the only real-time, streaming wireless data program that handles all the types of data. You can plot price data in multiple time frames and with 15 customizable indicators. Desktop companion acts as backup data source.

David Bukey
June 2004
More experienced traders — especially proponents of Fibonacci, Gann and Elliott Wave — will value its detailed analysis tools and trading systems…Abundance of customizable standard and proprietary tools…If you have ever tried to place wave labels on a chart, Advanced GET’s automatic wave labeling will seem like a wonder.Chip Brookshaw
October 2003

Traders' Logo
Interactive Data has made a bold move with eSignal 11…a change that would take the best of the old and give it, not just a modern, new look and feel, but added features that meet the demands of today’s markets.

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March 2011

Advanced GET software is one of those programs most popular with Elliott Wave users…it is an important part of eSignal.

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April 2010

In this review, we will first give a basic introduction to the concept of Elliott Wave and its use within Advanced GET. Thereafter, we will give you an introduction to the basics of the four “core” techniques taught by eSignal, and the basic principles behind the Advanced GET trading philosophy will be revealed as well as various other indicators offered in the package. Lastly, there is an overview of the pricing and training options available.

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November 2007

TraderPlanet Star Awards 2011

“For many, eSignal has become the standard for trading platforms and trading tools.”

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August 2011

eSignal is an all-in-one trading platform that includes the data, tools and functionality you need as a serious trader to keep you at the top of your game.”

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October 2010

“As one of the premier real-time market data providers, eSignal is a natural choice for consideration as a finalist for a STAR award from TraderPlanet.com.”

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September 2009


eSignal 11 is the latest software release. The first and most obvious change…is the almost Bloomberg like user interface.

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February 2011

Stock Trading Softwares Logo

One such software that has captured the attention of most of the traders is eSignal. This stock trading software has very quickly gone up the ladder and has established itself as a reliable stock software platform in the industry in a very short time period.”

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January 2012

The QuoTrek name still exists, though it refers now to a radically different — and much more useful — product. We got an exclusive look at the latest version of the device to be unveiled Tuesday by eSignal, which provides streaming real-time financial data and news. U.S. and international stocks, indices, futures, options and currency data can be streamed to mobile devices utilizing the Microsoft Pocket PC, Palm and RIM BlackBerry operating systems.

Edited by Randall W. Forsyth Reviewed by Theresa W. Carey 
February 2004

It’s back-to-school time, including for students of the market. Users of eSignal’s products can head to eSignal Learning, an online educational service providing eSignal users access to numerous classes and training opportunities which focus on teaching customers how to take advantage of eSignal applications.Most of the classes are self-paced and include everything from manuals to audio and video tutorials to live events. There are audio/video tutorials that demonstrate standard charts as well as the more advanced charting capabilities of eSignal. Though you can’t sit with other students over a cup of coffee, you can join in chat rooms where individual and professional traders mingle and learn from one another.

Edited by Randall W. Forsyth Reviewed by Theresa W. Carey
September 29, 2003

The latest version of eSignal lets you design your own data system, including back-testing of trading systems and powerful graphing capabilities as well. If you’re interested in tracking e-minis, single-stock futures and overseas exchanges, you’ll appreciate the screen layouts that ship with the program, which include the ability to view the screens on two monitors. With a nod to users who might have small screens (15 inches or less), the program also comes with a layout that works with less real estate. Customizing the screens to your specific needs may take some time, as there are so many options to consider.”“Another interesting feature in eSignal is the File Sharing capability. You can upload files, including images and layouts, to the eSignal file-sharing site which can be shared with other users. You can also download files provided by other users, and communicate with the eSignal support crew.

Edited by Randall W. Forsyth Reviewed by Theresa W. Carey 
January 6, 2003

One site that provides a terrific description of how to sort through all those charts and pick out the useful trends is in eSignal’s Learning Center…explains how Advanced GET [was] developed [using] a proprietary Elliott Wave class=”b12″ algorithm based on a subset of theory techniques…[and]…, using charts and text, how to figure out impulse and corrective patterns, and how these patterns reflect market behavior.

Edited by Randall W. Forsyth Reviewed by Theresa W. Carey 
December 9, 2002

Futures Logo

QuoTrek is a clean, easy-to-navigate charting, quote and news service.

James T. Holter 
May 2004

Trader's Source Logo
Perfect four CD rating.

In conclusion we are extremely satisfied with eSignal 7.6 product in meeting the mandate of being a one-stop shop for the professional trader.

Ashwani Gujral 
May / June 2004

SFO Logo
After 20+ years of honing its system, eSignal has come up in conversations with professionals over and over again, with attributes such as “reliable,” “flexible,” and “priced right” dominating those conversations.

While eSignal may be industrial strength, one thing that may set it apart from some other fine top-level systems is price. That’s not to say that other systems don’t add value, but these days price is a consideration. Indeed, there’s a very competitive and scalable pricing structure that makes a version of the system accessible to even those investors who aren’t the “big boys” with deep pockets. These professionals-to-be may require a scaled-back version until they get serious enough to want or “need” every application, and eSignal offers a lot of variety and price points depending on how far the user wants to go.

Gail Osten
February 2004

If there was a Smithsonian for traders, it [old QuoTrek] would be in it.

QuoTrek is back, but now you don’t need one of these [old QuoTrek]. It can stream onto your mobile device.

Jane Wells
February 2004

IN A SIGNAL of success, Hayward’s eSignal has been supplying digital stock quotations and related information to traders for more than 20 years.

Janis Mara

September 20, 2003