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Advanced GET Product Training has links to live premium classes available for Advanced GET users who want to take their trading to the next level of success using the GET signature tools. There are also pre-recorded sessions on specific tools, as well as content on basic GET principles, such as the Elliott Wave. We also offer free webinars from the experts in the field. Check out the latest schedule.


Access our pre-recorded product training sessions in your own time and at your own pace to learn more about special features, such as EFS and Advanced Charting — all designed to help you trade smarter.

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If you’re using the eSignal, Advanced GET, for the first time, you’ll benefit from a visit to our New User Orientation sites:

We take you step by step through installing and configuring the software and introduce you to several of the most popular features, including the GET Scanner . We’ll also showcase where you can learn more about our dynamic charting, trade integration, searching our KnowledgeBase and more. Finally, we’ll explain how you can get additional support assistance should the need arise.


Included with your purchase of Advanced GET is a membership with eSignal Learning and training on a variety of Advanced GET features. Our eSignal Learning Members page has more details.


Welcome to the Advanced GET online manual (PDF). The manual is divided into chapters. Click on the chapter link from the Table of Contents below.

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Note: To view these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader Software installed on your system. It is available free of charge from Adobe.

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Pre-Recorded and Multi-Language Training Videos

Getting Started with eSignal This covers downloading and installing eSignal, launching eSignal, and we'll also go over the basics of using eSignal. 6:25 Play
eSignal – Introduction to the New Features This well-paced overview of all the new features and enhancements with eSignal demonstrates the new chart types, drawing tools, technical studies and other aspects of the technical analysis tools you will find in this latest version of eSignal. With plenty of screen shots and descriptions of how these tools work and the type of trading they are most suited to, you will know which ones best fit your trading needs. 12:29 Play
eSignal Features This overview provides a summary-level view of the key enhancements launched with eSignal , designed for maximum flexibility in choosing and trading with a choice of brokers. The video steps you through the trading integration function, line template and chart scaling enhancements and improvements to the eSignal Market Scanner, Advanced GET Scanner add-ons and Watch List functionality. Also shown are an overview of the new screenshot tool, formula study language upgrades to the EFS editing tool and a new composite symbol manager for easily creating complex spreads. 1:13 Play
eSignal – Line Template Enhancements This video demonstrates the newly added flexibility of the line tools in eSignal – how simple it is to choose, change and use a variety of lines within a chart and across multiple charts for easier technical analysis. 4:34 Play
eSignal – Chart Scaling Enhancements This video shows how simple it is to specify how much historical data is shown in a chart and to fix the scaling for quick cross-checking of symbols across multiple charts. 5:11 Play
eSignal – Market Scanner Enhancements In this video, you will see the value of the eSignal Market Scanner and Advanced GET Scanner add-ons to eSignal and the Advanced GET edition of eSignal. It explains how the eSignal Market Scanners (Basic, PreMarket, Power, Hot Groups and Rally Scans) and the Advanced GET Scanner integrate with the charting and Watch List functionality to help traders zero in on the day's best opportunities in the U.S. stock market. 6:48 Play
eSignal – Enhancements to the EFS Editing Feature This short video describes how quick and easy it is to change colors, plot types, line widths and other formatting values for the formula studies in a chart. 3:18 Play
eSignal – The New Screenshot Tool This demo shows you the possibilities for sharing your trade set-ups with your colleagues and / or capturing them for your further review outside the eSignal application. 3:23 Play
eSignal – The New Composite Symbol Manager If you trade spreads, you'll want to see this new feature of eSignal in action. This tool provides a way to generate symbols for complex spreads, even spreads within spreads, as well as for continuous contracts. 6:13 Play
Installing eSignal This covers installing and launching eSignal, as well as tips for ensuring that the installation is successful. 3:42 Play
eSignal Chart Tools and Studies This video covers how to use the studies, drawing tools, line templates and alerts in your eSignal charts to your advantage. 4:02 Play
eSignal Chart Trading This video demonstration shows how the Trading from the Charts feature integrates eSignal's Trade / Money Manager, making creating money management strategies and executing trades on them quick and simple. 6:05 Play
eSignal File Backup This short video provides clear directions for how to back up pretty much all eSignal application files, including alerts, EFS, settings, symbol lists and more. 1:57 Play
eSignal Opening Pages from 10.6 in the new Version This clip describes briefly how to open pages previously saved in eSignal 10.6 in the new version. 2:09 Play
eSignal Charting Basics This covers installing and launching eSignal, as well as tips for ensuring that the installation is successful. 6:13 Play
eSignal Watch List Basics This covers installing and launching eSignal, as well as tips for ensuring that the installation is successful. 5:39 Play
Getting Started with eSignal 10.6 This covers downloading and installing eSignal, launching eSignal, and we'll also go over the basics of using eSignal. 4:54 Play
Advanced Charting Basics This covers basic use of the Advanced Chart Window. Five segments -- The Basics, Technical Studies, Advanced Chart Toolbar, Line Toolbar, Favorites Toolbar. 14:32 Play
EFS Basics This lesson reviews everything you need to know to get started using eSignal's formula study language called "EFS". 11:09 Play
eSignal Trading Integration Tutorial This is a video you won't want to miss because it explains how you can trade with your choice of broker right from within eSignal. 10:26 Play